Portrait Photography Service

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Portrait Photography Service, Session Informaton

I can take your portrait photograph in most locations, at home, a venue, outdoor locations. night time and day time. As i am based in Dorset the locations are varied and all make stunning backdrops for your portrait. or your have the option to have your portrait photographed in your home environment to incorporate familiar surroundings/objects and feel more relaxed.

The portrait session.

Every portrait session is tailored for each client, however a typical session is as follows: We will go through what is going to happen Preparation: hair, makeup, clothes, accessories etc Test shots for lighting and general set adjustments Guidance on posing and expressions A variety of photographs are taken for each group/pose There is an option to see the photographs as we go along After the portait shoot, you can go through all of the photographs and make either an initial or final selection.

What to wear for a portrait shoot.

Clothes can make or break a portrait so choose carefully for the desired effect. For group portraits select the clothes that match patterns and softer colours are easier to co-ordinate. Strong patterns and bright colours stand out and this can be used to great effect, if that is the effect that you want. Accessories, such as hats, scarves, toys and personal items personalise a portrait, making it more meaningful as well as giving you something to do with your hands.

How long will the portrait shoot take ?

most portrait sessions are between one and two hours but this depends on what you want to achieve. there are a few factors that will increase the time of the portrait shoot, Pose variations Number and sizes of groups Location and settings lighting styles Night time It is up to you how short or how long the session will be and this will be discussed and agreed with you beforehand. If the session is being held at your home, up to 1 hour is required for setup and removal of the lighting equipment, but this varies according to how much equipment is required.

Please note That all out side locations are weather dependent and i do not take any responsabilty for bad weather, i am very flexible and will rearange another date in which to shoot and/or a change of loction,this will be discused in full with the client.