Night Photography

Night Photography refers to photographs taken outdoors between dusk and dawn. As Night Photographer I generally have a choice between using artificial light and using a long exposure, exposing the scene for seconds, minutes, and even hours in order to give the digital sensor enough time to capture a usable image.

higher sensitivity digital image sensors, wide-aperture lenses,i makes it possible for me to use all of the available light even on the darkist of nights.

Locations of Night Photography

This is my collection of photographs taken at Night at some of the most well known locations in Dorset and Devon including Bridport,

West Bay,


Portland Bill,

Lyme Regis

Photography at night is a bit of a passion for me , i love how quiet the world is in the middle of the night, apart from the occasional air craft in the night sky you dont see a single person, some locations i shoot in can look very dull in the day light, but at night they become magical, as if they have come to life with so many differnet shadows and many possibilitys to manipulate the light.

Each location i visit presents different challanges, if i am at a coastal i have to check tide times and weather conditions to make sure its safe to shoot.

If i am in an urban location i have to make sure that i have a helper keeping the general public at a safe distance from my camera and equipment.

Also i have to make sure i have my camera is correctly set to overcome any orange tint that some street lights produce. The best time to shoot is in whats called the magic or golden hour, This is when the lighting is softer (more diffuse) and warmer in hue.

Because the contrast is less during the Magic/golden hour, shadows are less dark, and highlights are less likely to be overexposed.

In landscape photography, the warm color of the low sun is often considered desirable to enhance the colours of the scene. The only limit is my imagination.