The Bull Hotel Bridport

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This photograph is of the Bull Hotel in Bridport,

It has been a very important part in bridport Towns history indeed it has been a big part of national history too.

In 1685, the Duke of Monmouth’s first conflict occurred at the Bull Inn in East Street during his failed attempt to overthrow King James II from the throne.

A troop of Monmouth’s men under Colonel Venner entered the town, shots were fired from the Bull and in the mêlée that followed, Edward Coker of Mapperton and Wadham Strangways were killed.

Colonel Venner was also shot and wounded by the King’s militia from the now bricked up window at the front of The Bull Hotel. Soon afterwards, the owner Daniel Taylor, a local merchant and Quaker, set up a trust financed by rents from the Bull Hotel.

The income was used to fund a school and teacher for twelve poor children of the town. The school room was above the newly built Bridport Town Hall.

In 1849 the Bull Hotel was sold to the Knight family, remaining under the family’s ownership for the nFestivalext 110 years. It was re-built with a ballroom, minstrels’ gallery and billiard room. Through the late 1900’s the Bull Hotel was becoming rather tired looking, but in recent years under the control of new owners the Hotel has been restored to its former glory.

And is again at the center of Bridports culture and is a hub of activity holding and taking an active part in various festivals including the Bridport Literary Festival, The Bridport Hat Festival, The spirit of Bridport Festival, The Bridport Food Festival.

Many local clubs use The Bull hotel for meetings including Bridport Rotary club.

If ever there is a building that is part of our national history and an important part of Bridport, then this is that building, it was a joy to photograph.

Leakers Bakery.

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Leakers Bakery, Bridport

Leakers Bakery in Bridport.

Leakers Bakery in Bridport has won many awards for it tasty hand-made traditional produce all baked on the premises on brick-floored ovens.

The bakery dates back to the 1800s

The service you recieve as a customer is also as charming as the building itself.

it is my favorite shop in bridport if fact my favorite shop anywhere in the world.

This Photograph was taken early in the morning as the shop window was filling up with goodies like an aladdin’s cave of temptation, the smell that filled the air from the freshly baked bread was out of this world too.

When i was taking this photograph it took me a while because of the steady stream of customers entering the bakery, i used a long exsposure with my camera on a tripod , as the sun was rising the light hit the shop just right , i am very happy with the result.

Bridport Town Hall.

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This photograph of Bridport Town Hall is one of my favorites, it is a long exposure set with a low ISO ,my camera was mounted on a tripod to stop camera shake. It was photographed at 6am on a warm summers morning the light was low, perfect for this shot.

Bridport town hall is at the heart of the town,

The site on which it stands has been used for many different purposes and records date back to the year 1260.

At this time it was a small collection of buildings including a chapel,free school,court house and the town gaol.

The area didnt change much for several years and the in the year 1593 a market house was built,it was deigned to house butchers stalls and obove was Bridports first purpose built school room.

The market house and butchers stalls stayed the same for many years but became increasingly dirty and diseased it was called the shambles by the local people.

Then in the year 1782 the market house caught fire and was destroyed.

In 1785 the Bridport improvment act was passed and the site was cleared and work started on the present Building, it was opened in 1786.

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